Around Nottingham

We offer free travel cards for as many days (up to a month) as a participant needs to access training and employment opportunities. We offer Kangaroo cards (while stocks last) covering 20 days of travel, and Robin Hood Cards pay as you travel (value £50-£100). Both cards can be used on buses and trams.

Participants can use these cards to travel across the whole of Nottingham City to apprenticeships, training or employment opportunities. Participants can also receive 1 day Kangaroo cards for one day events such as interviews, training and employment opportunities. 

Further Afield

If your client is travelling further afield we can also offer a variety of Trent Barton cards. You can refer them to us to receive this card. These cards enable participants to travel as far as Derby, Chesterfield, East Midlands Airport, and Mansfield and provide links to further afield. You can use these cards on any Trent Barton bus. (Please note that Trent Barton cards cannot be used on pronto or Skylink Derby-Leicester journeys).