17 year-old Saqib Ali was due to start a college course but had never made a bus journey into the city centre alone. He wanted some support so that he’d be prepared to start his course with nothing to worry about.

Flo and Mikey from NG2W met Saqib at Futures Advice Skills & Employment. They assessed his travel needs, talked with him about suitable routes, and organised a date for a run through of the journey. 

Early August 2016, in plenty of time before college began, Flo met again with Saqib, and joined him as a journey buddy to do a test run of his college journey. Saqib was fine with the walk through town from the bus stop to the college - but he had little to no experience of using buses. Saqib picked up the route easily and gained confidence in using public transport by himself thanks to Flo's support. 

When we spoke to Saqib recently he told us: “I got to the (college) enrolment day on my own, using the route that you taught me.”