Mitch Tompson

Mitch Tompson was one of a group of young people from NGY youth centre (Base 51) who learned to strip down and rebuild a second hand bike from scratch thanks to Nottingham Gets 2 Work. He'd stopped cycling because he lacked the skills to fix even a puncture.

The bike rebuilding scheme was organised at the centre in August 2016. Participants were each given a second hand bike, which they stripped down and re-built over six sessions. The final session ended with a group bike ride including cycle safety.

The course gives a good base of bike maintenance and includes common problems such as fixing punctures and adjusting gears. Mitch comments:

“I used to cycle with my mum all the time, but I stopped because I had a punctured tyre. Me and my mum didn’t know how to fix it and we couldn’t take it to the shop either, so I just stopped cycling from then. When I heard that there was a bike project going on at Base 51 (NGY), I thought that I would take part in it, as I’ve always wanted a fresh bike and to learn how to maintain one or fix it when it gets broken. I wanted to know how to adjust parts if I don’t feel that something was right.
I think that this course has really helped me as it has taught me how to fix a puncture, so in the future if I ever get one I will be able to mend it. Even if somebody else gets one, which they didn’t know how to fix, I could help and fix it for them.
I found everything about the course very useful and I enjoyed the ride at the end as we got to see how it felt on our bikes. It was pretty cool. My bike felt like it was in good condition. It felt like a brand new bike! I also loved the order of the sessions, I found the course very easy and straightforward to understand.
Now there’s no need to worry if my bike has any problems or if I can’t afford to take it to the shop to fix it."

We are glad that Mitch enjoyed the course so much, and are pleased that he’ll put his new bike to good use.