Mohsin's story

We organised two bike maintenance sessions to be held for groups of young people at the Futures Advice Skills and Employment social enterprise. We thought that having the skills to mend their bikes would boost their job search. Our partner Ridewise provided the sessions.

Mohsin was one of the participants and he arrived late with a bike that was missing a wheel! He'd managed to push it on one wheel all the way from home. He'd not cycled for ages because of the state of his bike and didn't have the knowledge to fix it. By the end of the second session, he had learned how to fix a puncture, adjust brakes and gears.

Futures purchased Mohsin a new bike wheel and as part of the training, we provided a cycle map. multi-tool, puncture repair kit and a set of tyre levers for use during the course and to take home for future repairs.

Mohsin was able to cycle home with the knowledge and tools to be able to independently commute to interviews, work and training.